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We hope you liked yesterday's new "Destination" link on the Yellowstone River
outside the park. If so, maybe you will like today's. It is another stream that starts
in Yellowstone National Park and becomes a huge river - The Snake River.

We call this one the
Snake River in Wyoming, since the Snake has another
tributary branch in Idaho called the Henry's Fork of the Snake River, as well as
this same stream which is damed (again) in Idaho and called the South Fork of
the Snake River.

I can remember reading about the trout in the Snake River is Sport's Afield and
Field, Outdoor Life and Field and Stream Magazines so old I wouldn't dare tell
you to dates of them. It has always been a great river.

When I said "starts in Yellowstone Park" above, that actually isn't true. It's
headwaters really starts outside the park on its Southeastern Corner and flows
into the park and then exists the park near the South Entrance. The river flows
through the Grand Teton National Park and from there into Jackson Lake. The
section we have linked starts at the tailwater of Jackson Lake.

You can count on it being at least the middle of July before the river is clear
enough from the runoff to fish. We think the best time to fish it is in the late
Summer and Early Fall. That misses most of the quote "famous" hatches, but so
be it. The fishing always seems to be better and there are other hatches that
take place during that time period. The cutthroats are not that selective to the
hatches anyway. Besides, that is the time season in the upper Yellowstone River
inside the park opens. Who would want to miss seeing that many anglers in one

Seriously, if for no other reason, fishing the Snake River outside Yellowstone
National Park is worth it just to be able to drift along in sight of the Teton
Mountains and the wildlife. It is without question, one of the most beautiful drift
boat trips you can go on. If the water conditions are good, it can also be great
from a "catching" standpoint. If you haven't done so already, we hope you get
the opportunity to fish Wyoming's beautiful Snake River.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh