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The first stream we will feature is right outside the main entrance gate to
Yellowstone National Park. It is the
Yellowstone River which leaves the park at
Gardner and flows through Paradise Valley and on though Montana. In fact it is
the longest river in Montana. The featured part is from Gardner through and a
few miles downstream of Livingston.

The river is every bit as diverse outside the park as it is inside the park. It is
though by many to be fishable only by drift boat. Certainly, that is a great way to
fish the river, but it also has plenty of places it can be waded effectively and
even fished for the bank effectively in some areas.

Over the years, Angie and I have made numerous stops along the river and
have with almost no exceptions, been able to catch a few trout and some nice
ones on a few occasions. We have fished it during all of the seasons but we
would have to say that the best results have taken place during late Summer
and early Fall.

We don't want to take anything away from this great river inside the national
park. It is very diverse both inside and outside the park. We do want to
encourage you to check out the fishing downstream of Gardner though. The
linked website should give you all the information you need to fish it.

Be careful if you fish a nymph on the river outside the park. You may not get it
back. If a large brown don't grab it, then you can pretty well count on a rocky
mountain whitefish grabbing it. Maybe we are just attracted to them, but we have
caught more large whitefish fishing a nymph in this river than anywhere else we
have fished. We don't usually fish a nymph, and maybe that is just coincidence,
but it sure seems like the river is full of huge whitefish.

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