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The Basics: Presentation - Part 19 - Other Things
I was discussing clothing as being an important part of your presentation of the
fly to a trout in yesterday's article. We only got down to the polarized glasses
from the hat or cap. I also failed to mentioned something of great importance to
many of us. Don't forget your eye glasses. Of course, if your polarized glasses
are prescription glasses you want need them necessarily, but you want be able
to make very many presentations if you have to tie on a small fly without them.

The next item down of importance is your coat, wading jacket or shirt, depending
on what you have on for the outermost clothing. You should avoid flashy, bright
colored clothing. While a bright red jacket may look sharp for magazine photos,
it does have an effect on how well a trout can spot you. The more you blend in
with the background, the better off you are. For example, in Yellowstone
Country, during the late summer and early fall, you may want to choose a tan or
light brown to match to background of most streams.

Of course, your fly vest (provided you have the standard type) will cover part of
your upper body clothing. It too should be a subdued shade of color such as
dull green or brown. I don't even like a white fly patch on the vest although I will
admit that may be going a little overboard. The exact same thing is true of your
pants if you are not wearing waders. They too should be a dull color that
matches your surroundings. If you are wearing waders, I think you will find most
of them come in the same shades of colors that I keep mentioning.

I know of anglers who will not use a fly rod with a bright finish. Some anglers will
dull their fly rod finish to prevent glare. Certainly this is true of fly reels. The
bright, flashy gold and aluminum finishes can very well act like a mirror and may
spook trout. I prefer fly reels with dull finishes.

I am thinking about the fly line now, but I think we covered that very well at the
beginning of the presentation series. Just to bring it up again, let me say that I
don't like the fluorescent colors or the bright yellows, reds, pinks or other crazy
colors. I do think it affects how well the trout can see the fly line.

We will continue tomorrow with other aspects of presenting the fly to trout.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh