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The Basics: Presentation - Part 13 - Wiggle Cast
Another easy way to get slack in your line is to make a wiggle cast. Some call
this the "S cast" or the "shake it" cast. It is almost like making a mend when your
fly is across fast water drifting in slower water. You just shake out some line in a
wiggle motion. The only difference is you do it during the cast on a Wiggle Cast.

The idea is to shake the line back and forth as it unrolls in the air. When the line
lands on the water, it will be in a series of S curves or curves that run back and
forth across the water in an S shape. The width and configuration of the curves
depends on the amount of wiggle you give the tip of the rod. If you move it back
and forth only a couple of times, the line will fall in on the water with a couple of
curves in it. If you wiggle it in a wide arch, the line will fall on the water in a wide
arch. If you wiggle the tip just an inch or two fast, the line will fall on the water in
small, tight curves. The line is going to fall the same way you draw it out with the
tip of your rod. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Well, it isn't quite that simple.
Everything must be timed so that it is taking place when the line is unrolling,
which is only a very short time. Remember, you have to make a long enough
cast (shoot enough line) to use the wiggles effectively. You don't want the cast
to straighten out the line after you have made the curves in it.

If you wanted the line to wiggle but then curve sharply to the left or right, you
would make a quick wiggle of the rod's tip and then a reach to the left or right,
again, when the line is in the air unrolling. That would be a combination wiggle,
reach cast.

How much slack you put in the line should depend on the conditions of the
stream you are fishing. You can use this cast in an upstream or downstream
direction, by the way. It adds slack either way.