Little Yellow Stoneflies
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Little Yellow Stoneflies (Perlodidae Family) - Fly Pattern Colors

The adults are usually a yellow-brown color but they can be a bright yellow to a
brownish orange color. It is a beautiful fly that is primarily a darker yellow color
with some dark brown blotches or spots on it. The bottom or belly of the fly is a
lighter colored yellow and the legs are a medium brown. The antennae are dark
brown and the wings have a veined pattern. The eyes are almost black. The
wings are longer than the tails and the body is quite shorter than the wings.
The nymphs vary from yellow to a light brown and have dark stripes or marking
on their abdomen and thorax.  Other “Yellow Sally” stoneflies or other species of
the “Little Yellow Stoneflies” are different shades of yellows and browns, so you
may want to look at one on the stream you are fishing and make certain it is
similar but this one is the most common “Yellow Sally”.

Hook: 10-18
Thread: Brown
Body: Yellow Brown
Thorax: Dark Yellow Brown
Tails: Brown
Antennae: Brown
Head: Black

Hook: 10-18
Thread: Yellow
Body: Yellow
Wings: Yellowish Brown
Tails: Brown
Antennae: Dark Brown
Head: Dark Brown

Note: I would start with a size 16 until I confirmed the size of those on the stream.

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