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The Basics: Presentation - Part 3
The first and foremost part of presentation is being able to cast accurately. If
you cannot place you fly on a fairly small target, it isn't going to do you a lot of
good to be able to learn how to make a reach or curve cast because that just
compounds any errors you already have in the cast.
You cannot throw an
accurate slack line if you cannot cast accurately to begin with
. This
the first thing you need to learn to do is to cast accurately. Again,
that is far more important than being able to catch a long distance.

Before we go any farther on making those slack line cast, lets look at some
things you need to know about casting accuracy. First of all, if you have began
casting using some lousy movements, or you have picked up some bad
habitats, your chances of improving your accuracy aren't very high. You need to
make sure you get the basic parts of the cast down pat first.

It's a lot like hitting a golf ball. You cannot possible become accurate at hitting
an iron or wood if you have a bad swing. First you have to get the swing
corrected. When you first do that, you will probably be hitting the gold ball less
accurately than you were. But once you begin to swing right, the accuracy will
come and come much faster. It will never become accurate if the swing is off.

With it comes to casting a fly, you need to get the basic fundamentals of casting
down right first, and then work on improving the accuracy. Once you correct all
the bad habits you have picked up on your casting movements and timing, you
will probably be less accurate at first. However, you will pick up the accuracy
faster and become far more accurate using the right casting motions and timing
than you could possible be able to do otherwise.

You cannot learn to cast by reading about. You can get a good idea of
some of he concepts and basics of it, buy you cannot possible learn to cast.
You cannot hire a guide that can cast good (and is also a good teacher) and
have him teach you to cast in a day of fishing. You can't even attend a fly fishing
school and learn to cast as well as you need to cast at the school.
You must
practice to learn to cast accurately
. As the old saying goes, practice makes
perfect and it is certainly true of casting a fly.

Don't focus on distance. That's most everyone's problem. Once you get the
timing and the basics down, the distance will automatically increase. Focus on
getting the basics down pat, then accuracy.