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Hiding From Trout - Part 9
Continued from yesterday.

The problem with everything I have said so far is that it is often and very
common that you will not be able to present your fly to areas of the stream that
are likely holding trout without wading. One thing that makes it almost impossible
to cast from the bank is the heavy growth of trees and bushes along the banks
of some of the streams. In some areas there is timber growing right up to the
banks of the streams. They do keep you from casting along the banks in many

Now don't take this wrong. Just because there are some trees along the bank
don't mean you can't cast from the bank. You can make all kinds of creative cast
if you try and learn to make them. When you can, be certain to fish the water
near the banks before you get into the water to wade. About the biggest mistake
you can make is just to walk up to a stream, wade out into the center and start
casting. You may have spooked some trout right where you headed into the
stream. Always take you time. Stop and look at the water. Figure out your best
approach to get to the likely holding and feeding areas you intend to cast to.

I am not the best person in the world to give out this tip but I will anyway. Never
cast while you are taking steps wading. You can't concentrate on both and you
will eventually end up making bad cast or tripping, stumbling or even falling.
Stop casting and look at the water where you are wading. I am often guilty of
making this mistake. I catch myself doing it and stop, then forget and do it again.
I have also busted my you know what a few times - casting when I was wading.

The bottom line to all of this is first and foremost, don't wade unless you have to.
Many anglers find themselves wading just for the heck of it or because it never
occurs to them that doing so spooks trout. If you can reach the likely lies of
trout, and you can make good presentations from the bank, by all means do so.


Copyright 2009 James Marsh