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Hiding From Trout - Part 8
Continued from yesterday.

We learned that the surface of the water makes a huge difference in what the
trout can and cannot see above the water. If it is smooth without ripples, you are
seen by the trout much farther away than you are seen when the surface of the
water is disturbed by current or wind. That is another reason you can get closer
to the trout in riffles and runs than you can in the smooth water of a pool or
pockets along banks and behind boulders in the Yellowstone.

Fish holding in deeper water will spook much quicker than those holding just
under the surface. I think this is to do with their window of vision but it could also
be a result of what the trout are concentrating on. When they are only inches
deep feeding in current, they are looking for tiny insects. You would think they
would be keenly aware of what was around them since they are in an exposed
position but they don't spook as easily as they do when they are holding in
water a couple of feet deep. When they are holding inches under the water,
they don't see insects in the water until they are within inches from their nose.
This is due to their small window of vision.

Wading can help you catch more trout in the streams of Yellowstone National
Park in some cases, but before I discuss when and where it can help you, let me
give you a fair warning. Wading can also prevent you from catching trout in the
Yellowstone. It is an easy and fast way to spook trout. The trout can see you
under the water and above the water. They can hear your boots scrape the
bottom or move some sand and gravel. If you are in calmer water such as a
pool, your wake can spook trout. Never wade unless it is necessary for you to
get into position to make a presentation to areas of the water you think are
holding trout. If you can reach those areas and get a good drift from the bank,
by all means do so. Every time you wade you are taking chances on spooking
some trout that you may have been able to catch from the bank.


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