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Hiding From Trout - Part 7
Continued from yesterday...You want have to hide from them long at Yellowstone
National Park. The season is rapidly coming to a halt for a few months.

Spring creeks are perfect
places to learn how trout react
to movements and sound. You
can clearly see what spooks
trout and what you cannot get
away with. You must stalk trout
to catch them. You do not
blind cast because you can
see everything in the water. In
this scene I was moving closer
and closer to a large trout
casting all the time with the
camera looking over my
This is Silver Creek Idaho,
one of our favorite streams.
We have fished this beautiful
creek several times and we
have learned a lot about trout
doing so. You rarely catch a
trout you don't first see. If the
wind is not blowing hard, you
will be looking at the trout you
are casting to every time.
Knowing what spooks trout,
what you can get away with
and what you can not get
away with, goes a long way in
being able to catch them.


Copyright 2009 James Marsh