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Hiding From Trout - Part 6
Continued from yesterday...

I have tried moving up on trout in spring creeks about every way I could think
off.  I have been working on a DVD on fly fishing spring creeks now for about six
years. That was the reason I was spooking trout rather than trying to catch
them. I attempted to show, on camera, the different reactions from the trout for
various scenarios. It didn't turn out very easy to do, by the way. Some of the
things I discovered fooled me, but in most cases I was able to guess what would
happen. That makes me think common sense goes a long way in approaching

I have kicked rocks just to see the reaction of the trout. I have stomped the
ground with my feet. I have yelled as loud as I can yell and done a number of
sound test on trout in spring creeks. That did fool me. They can hear much
better than I thought they could. You can drop a rock on another rock in the
stream and send every trout in sight fleeing. Try that from one of the high banks
along a stream and watch the reaction.

Spring creeks taught me a lot about approaching trout. You must be able to do
so successfully or you are not going to catch any trout. Blind casting is a waste
of time in spring creeks unless you are fishing a riffle section of the stream. I
love fishing spring creeks because it does teach you a lot about the reactions of
trout and a lot about being able to fool and catch them.

This would apply to the Firehole River since it is in effect a spring creek. Its
springs just have hot water coming from them. Granted, there are many other


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