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Hiding From Trout - Part 4

Continued from yesterday...

It helps if you can see what is ahead of you. I don't want to get into wading yet,
but when you can see everything in the water ahead of you, you can wade
making the least amount of disturbance.

Trout do not have to see you in order for them to detect your presence. They
can hear you. You can yell at your buddy and that won't bother them. If you
move a rock on the bottom of the stream, it will. If you stumble along the bank, it
will disturb them. They can hear the sound you through their lateral line. Again, I
don't want to get technical. This is not the place to discuss how fish hear in
detail. Just be aware that you should walk softly, without disturbing things on the
bottom of the stream or the ground.

Lets summarize what I have said so far about hiding from the trout:
Keep a low profile. I don't mean crawl along the bank or even that you need
to stoop low when you are wading. Just be aware that the higher you are, the
farther away trout can see you. Don't climb up on boulders and search the water
for the trout. They are there. You are just warning them that you are there.

Dress to blend in with the surroundings. Don't wear flashy or bright
colored clothing. 4. Don't disturb the bottom of the stream or the ground along
the banks. Trout can hear you. Avoid moving or kicking rocks.

Wear polarized sunglasses. The better you can see what is ahead in the
water, the easier it is for you to prevent spooking the trout ahead. If you loose
your footing and step off into a deep hole you will spook every trout in the creek.


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