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Hiding From Trout - Part 2

Continued from yesterday...
The other thing about what trout see above the water has to do with the
distance the object is from them. To make this simple, due to refraction of light,
they don't see things that are low above the water. The higher the object, the
easier it is for them to see it.

For example, they could see an object ten feet above the water as far as twenty
feet away but they would not see an object one foot about the water that is ten
feet away. The lower you are, the closer you can get to trout without their seeing
you. If you stand on top of the highest rock in the stream and look around you,
chances are every trout within twenty or thirty feet of you will see you. Your
movements climbing up on the rock and back down will spook them for sure.
Stay low and slow, right the opposite of what you want to do if you are flying
an airplane.

Trout face normally face in an upstream direction. Their bodies and fins are
streamlined for them to remain in current expending as little energy as possible.
They would have a difficult time holding their position in current if they had their
tail pointed into the current.

Most all of their food comes to them in a downstream direction. Aquatic insects
in a current seam are drifting downstream. The trout face in an upstream
direction looking for them. The bottom line to this is that you can get closer to
trout if you are downstream of them. If you fish in an upstream direction, they will
not be able to see you as easily as they would if you were fishing in a
downstream direction.

Trout don't see the same way us humans do. They have a much wider
peripheral vision. In other words they can see almost all the way around. Their
binocular vision is not near as good as ours. That is part of the reason why they
don't see things at a distance above the water clearly and in great detail or
resolution. Sounds simple so far. However, just because you are approaching
them from their back side doesn't mean you can slip up on them and tap them
on their shoulders.


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