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Casting Flies on Yellowstone Streams (and most anywhere else
for that matter) - Part 9

More on Fly Rods - Continued
There are only two occasions that come to mind when I start thinking about the
times I have needed to cast farther than I could cast in Yellowstone National
Park with a medium action fly rod. One time I was fishing the upper hole above
the Barns Hole on the Madison River. I was trying to catch one of the big brown
trout that are supposed to hold in the pool on their way upstream to spawn and I
had difficulty reaching the part of the stream I wanted to fish. Wading wasn't an
option. I didn't catch one there and I don't think the many others that could
reach the hole that tried that same day did either.

The other occasion was when I was fishing the upper part of the Yellowstone
River during the Salmonfly hatch. I could see trout eating a flies on the surface
ever once in a while, farther out in the stream than I could reach or wade. Of
course there were plenty of other cutthroats  that were eating within casting
distance, so that didn't seem to make any difference. Its just that when I want to
reach a place and can't, it tends to upset me. I had the proper equipment to do
that in the vehicle, but it wasn't important enough that I swapped rods.

Of much more importance than being able to reach a spot with a cast is the fact
that most of the time when you cast too far, you risk many other problems.
Accuracy for one thing and that's a big one. Anyone that tells me that they can
cast seventy feet as accurately as they can cast twenty-five feet will have to
prove it to me. Long cast are usually very inaccurate. Another problem that
comes to mind is that it is more difficult to hook a fish with a lot of line out. I know
fly line doesn't stretch much, but it is still a fact that it is more difficult to hook a
fish a long ways out in a stream than it is one fairly close to you.

Another factor is that you cannot see your fly near as well at great distances.
That can affect the timing of setting your hook or even detecting the take,
depending on the type of fishing you are doing.

Now I will get off distance because that isn't the only factor to consider about
using a fast action or tip flex fly rod fishing the streams of Yellowstone Park.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh