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Casting Flies on Yellowstone Streams (and most anywhere else
for that matter) - Part 8

More on Fly Rods - Continued
I goofed. I omitted probably the most important thing about a fly rod and that is
the action or flex as some manufacturers describe it. I mentioned it yesterday in
the article about selecting fly rods, but I didn't mention anything about it. Of
course, many of you know what the action of a rod is and many of you have
your own personal opinions. That is all I have - just another opinion, but he it is.

First of all, I think far too much emphasis has been placed on fast action fly
rods, or those that bend primarily in the tip end of the rod. While these fly rods
have their place in the world of fly fishing, they usually have little use on a trout
stream in Yellowstone National Park.

Their advantage is that they can be cast farther than otherwise equal fly rods
with slow flexes or slow actions. That is with the assumption the user can cast
the fast action rod. In general, they are more difficult to cast and require more
precise timing. The other big advantage is that they can handle the high winds
that are normal in the park better than the slow action rods. They usually have
more backbone or strength in the lower sections of the rod.

The cons, or disadvantages are much greater for most fishing applications.
They don't protect light tippets as well as slow or full flex rods. They don't
usually cast as accurately at close ranges as slow to medium action rods. By the
way, this one aspect may be more important than everything else combined.
They are more forgiving or don't demand perfect movements and timing.

Most of my opinion comes from the fact my average cast in the park is probably
about twenty feet, often less. There are few occasions I find it necessary to cast
over forty feet and the slow action rods will do that very well. I am not pushing
slow action rods although I own some. I am just using slow action for comparison
purposes. Some of the rods I recommended yesterday, were medium to medium
fast action rods.
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