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Casting Flies on Yellowstone Streams (and most anywhere else
for that matter) - Part 6

More on Fly Rods - Continued
The lengths of these rods could vary from as short as seven feet to as long as
nine feet-six inches. Most of them would be either eight, eight and a half or nine
feet in length. The length gets down to a matter of person preference. I can't
even agree with my wife on this subject. She likes to use the short rods in the
very small cutthroat and brook trout streams and I don't. I rather have a nine
foot rod to where I can maneuver the line around using the length to my
advantage. She had rather make normal cast using a short rod. She is a lot
shorter than I. This probably makes a difference. When you think about it, there
isn't much difference in her using a 7 foot long fly rod and me a 9 foot long fly
rod. She can get closer to the trout without spooking them than I can , at least  
in terms of their window of vision - height relationship.

My guess, and it is really just a guess, is that the average fly rod length used in