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Casting Flies on Yellowstone Streams (and most anywhere else
for that matter) - Part 5

More on Fly Rods
For any given size of fly rod, meaning the line weight it is designed to cast, there
are only a few options. One of the most obvious is the length of the fly rod. The
number of sections the rod has is yet another option. The most important option
is the action or flex of the fly rod.

For purposes of this article, I am confining the fly rod weight to those commonly
used for trout in the Yellowstone National Park. I am not getting into saltwater fly
fishing rods, or other species of freshwater fish such as salmon, bass, etc. The
weights that could be used range from a one weight up to about a eight weight. i
can't imagine anyone wanting to use an eight weight fly rod in Yellowstone but
there are probably those guys who would do just that.

Out of all of those weights, the five weight is probably the most practical. The
most common is also probably the five weight, simply because it is the most
common fly rod size sold in the United States. One, two and even three weight
rods are rather uncommon in Yellowstone although there are some that use
them, especially the three weight.

The six weight rods are not uncommon in Yellowstone because some anglers
use them for streamers and larger nymphs. The seven weight rod could be used
for heavy streamers, but there would be less of those in use than the six weight
rods for streamers or nymphs. In other words, fly rods in the four, five and six
weight sizes are the most common and most used fly rod weights in the

I should also mention that there are a few anglers who have gone to spey rods,
especially during brown trout migrations from lakes and streams outside the
park. They claim it give them the extra distance they need to reach holding
places for the large trout that are on their way to their spawning grounds.

Inside Yellowstone National Park, you could get by with a five weight fly rod for
just about everything. We prefer the lighter, four weight rods for the small
headwater streams in the park, and we prefer the six weight rods for streamers
and larger nymphs.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh