Western Green Drakes
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Western Green Drakes - (Drunella grandis & dodsi) - Fly Pattern Colors

Hook:   8-12
Thread: Brown
Tails: Dark Olive Brown
Abdomen: Dark Olive Brown
Gills: Dark Olive Brown
Thorax: Dark Olive Brown
Wing Case: Olive
Legs: Medium Brown

Hook: 8-12
Thread: Olive
Tail (Trailing Shuck): Reddish Brown
Body:  Pale Olive
Ribbing:  Gold
Thorax: Reddish Brown        
Wings: Med. Gray
Legs: Med. Olive

Hook: 8-10
Thread: Green
Tail: Brown
Body: Med. Green
Thorax: Med. Olive
Wings: Med. Gray
Legs: Med. Olive

Hook: 8-10
Thread: Dark Brown
Tail: Dark Brown
Abdomen: Blackish Olive
Thorax: Dark Olive
Wings: Light Gray
Wing Case: Dark Gray
Legs: Pale Tan

Note: The mayfly dun tails are about two-thirds
body length. Spinner tails are the same as the
body length.

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