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Fly Fishing Yellowstone - Leeches

Leeches are a major food source for trout in lakes and ponds and some slower
moving rivers. As a matter of fact, in any stream or water that holds both
leeches and trout, you will most likely find the leeches to be a source of food for
the trout. This is especially true in any stream or still water than has a lot of
grass and other vegetation.

The Madison River has plenty of them along with many other streams in
Yellowstone National Park. Leeches are sometimes called bloodworms. In
streams and rivers you will most likely find leeches in the warm, shallow,
sheltered waters away from riffles and runs are. These creatures slowly search
the bottom looking for something they can eat, so imitations of them should
always be fished slowly and in these same types of water.

We think a black Wooley Bugger like our "Perfect Fly" Black Bugger Leech
works great. We also have a bead head version of the it.

Our "Perfect Fly" Back Bugger Leech above and Black Bead Head Bugger
Leech Below

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