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Fly Fishing Yellowstone - Ants

Wingless Ants:
Ants, along with beetles, are probably the most abundant terrestrial insects in
Yellowstone National Park. They are practically helpless is so far as their ability
to keep out of the water. Colonies of wingless ants migrate or move in lines that
may very well end at a trout stream. These wingless ants tend to fall off
vegetation overhanging the water. This is especially true when the wind blows

Places where current runs against banks where there is lots of vegetation such
as bushes, shrubs, weeds and grass are typical places ants get into the water.
Rains always wash a certain number of them into a stream. Heavy rain will wash
lots of them into the water.

Wingless ants float. On occasions you may spot them on the surface of the
water. Anywhere there is undercut banks in close proximity to overhanging
vegetation, there are most likely going to be ants in the water at one time or

Ants vary in size from a hook sizes 14 to a size 28 and even smaller. It just
becomes a matter of just how small of a fly you want to fish. You probably
couldn't fish one too small. We only sell them in hook sizes 16 and 18 because
we think those are by far the most popular and productive size.

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