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Fly Fishing Yellowstone - Grass Hoppers - Part 5

Where Hoppers Work Best:
You can throw a grasshopper in the water where there isn't a single blade of
grass along the bank and probably catch a trout. Opportunistically feeding trout
may take anything that looks like a good meal. Just how well you will do fishing
hopper imitations where grasshoppers don't exist is anyone's guess. I wouldn't
want to rely on such a strategy. On trout streams where the banks are lined with
high grass, you are likely to catch a trout on a hopper imitation anytime during
the summer.

Yellowstone Park has numerous meadow sections where the grass grows high
along the banks of many of its streams. Of hand I can think of those on the
upper Madison River, the Firehole's many meadows, the lower and upper
Gibbon River meadows, the meadows around the Yellowstone River in many
locations, the Bechler River meadows, Fall River meadows, Gallatin River
meadows, Lewis River meadows, Lamar River and Soda Butte Creek meadows,
and the Slough Creek meadows. All of these areas provide great hopper fishing
during the late summer.

I think the more grass there are in any location, the most grass hoppers there
are likely to be. If you walk through any hay field in Montana you are going to
see a flock (for the lack of a better word) of grasshoppers flying or jumping a
few feet at a time in front of you. The most trout I have ever caught on hopper
imitations was on the Yellowstone River not far outside of the park. The wind
was blowing hard and the fish were lined up the banks waiting on the hoppers to
blow in the water.

If I'm fishing an area where the stream flows through the forest with heavy timber
and little grass, I had rather use a beetle imitation or an ant imitation than a
grasshopper fly. I haven't captured and counted the insects along a stream to
verify this and I am not planning on doing so, but I would be willing to bet there
are more beetles and ants than grasshoppers in most forest locations.

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