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Fly Fishing Yellowstone - Grass Hoppers - Part 4

When Hoppers Work Best:
As mentioned before, I have caught trout on hoppers with snow covering the
ground in Yellowstone National Park. I doubt any hoppers survived the cold. I
guess it is possible but I sure didn't see any. I think the trout had just become
used to seeing them and continued to respond to the imitation I was using. On
the other hand, you never know exactly what opportunistically feeding trout are
going to do.

When you first start seeing grasshoppers, they will all be rather small. I am not
sure how many accidentally get into the water at a small size. The probably do
when the wind blows hard. When they reach a good size, usually about the
middle of July, the trout will start taking them. By the middle of August when the
aquatic insect hatches have mostly ended, the trout seem to start focusing on
eating terrestrials, simply because there are fewer nymphs in the water and
fewer hatching insects.

About this time of the year, you will always start hearing other anglers say how
well they are doing on hopper flies but the truth of the matter is you never know
how much that has to do with trout eating hoppers and how much it has to do
with most anglers fishing hopper imitations. Naturally if most all of the anglers
are fishing hoppers, most of the trout are going to be caught on hoppers.

What I look for is strong winds. I think that can make a difference. Naturally more
grasshoppers are going to get blown into the water when the winds are blowing
hard. By the way, that happens just about every afternoon in Yellowstone
Country at this time of the year and thats got to be one thing that makes hopper
fishing good.

There is one other thing I think makes a big difference that I hear little about. I
think hopper imitations work better when the sky is clear and the sun is shinning
brightly. I don't get as good of results when it is cloudy or overcast as I do on the
blue bird days. I have nothing but observation and a few other guys I know that
agrees with me to back that up, but I will pass it along for what it is worth.

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