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Fly Fishing Yellowstone - Grasshoppers - Part 3

Perfect Fly Hoppers:

Our "Perfect Fly" grasshopper imitations are sandwich hoppers made primarily
of foam. We also sell the famous "Dave's Hopper" which is probably the best fly
ever developed for a grass hopper. We have not come up with a way to improve
it and doubt we ever will.

It is not a one and all solution to hopper fishing. There are places and times it
doesn't work very well. The fly will begin to sink unless you heavily dope it up
with floatant. We think the fact that it tends to sink is good in many situations.
Real grasshoppers sink into the water when they stop fighting for their life to get
out of the water. In many cases there is nothing wrong with fly sinking below the
surface. Trout will take the fly when it is below the surface and sinking.

Real grasshoppers don't have a choice as to the type of water they are going to
fly or fall into. They land in whatever type of water they happen to get in. If this
happens to be fast, rough water, such as pocket water, then Dave's Hopper is
not the best way to go. When the fly sinks you want be able to see it in many
cases. You may well miss some takes from the trout fishing a sinking fly in fast,
rough water. That is where our high floating, sandwich foam hoppers work best.
They don't sink in any type of water.

The larger sandwich hoppers also make great strike indicators. They work well
when you drop another fly down below them such as a small nymph or caddis
larva imitation. In many cases this gives you a double opportunity to catch trout.
Trout can eat the hopper or the dropper fly.

Dave's Hopper - Click for details

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