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Fly Fishing Yellowstone - Dark Red Quill - Spinner
I read where the Dark Red Quill spinner falls are not important. I am not certain
where the authors who wrote that particular book on Western aquatic insects
fished or whose word they may have taken because we have found fairly heavy
spinner falls occurring on more than one Western stream. We found one that
occurred on the Middle River in Yellowstone National Park that was very heavy.
There is one thing for certain. If the Dark Red Quill spinners are falling, the trout
are going to eat them. If you don't have an imitation of them you will probably
wish you did. They fall at times when there are usually no other mayflies

The spinners fall over the same water they hatch from - that is the runs and
riffles of the fast pocket water streams. The spent spinners will collect
downstream of riffles and runs in the slow moving water.

Use an upstream or an up and across approach and fish the tail ends of the
riffles and runs. The water downstream below the riffles and runs and current
eddies where the spinners collect may produce even better. Sometimes the
trout take the easy way and wait for the spinners to collect in areas of slow water
where they can easily eat all they want.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh
Our "Perfect Fly" Dark Red Quill Spinner