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Fly Fishing Yellowstone - Western Ginger Quill - Spinner

As mentioned before, these mayflies don't usually hatch in heavy concentrations
or large numbers. The thing that makes them important is the fact that they
hatch when few other mayflies, and few other aquatic insects for that matter, are
hatching. The spinner falls of the Western Ginger Quills are generally thought to
be of little importance because they don't fall in huge numbers. As we have said
many other times, an important hatch or spinner fall is one that is happening
when you are fishing. When these spinners fall, you can be assured the trout
are going to eat them.

The spinners fall over the same water they hatch from - in pocket water that is
the calmer pockets and slower water immediately adjacent to the fast water.
Remember they also hatch in fast water sections of streams that are not
considered pocket water streams. When they do fall, the spent spinners collect
downstream of riffles and runs in the slow moving water. Eddies will also collect
them. The trout know this and that is where they can acquire the most the

Use an upstream or an up and across approach and fish the slower moving
areas of pockets water where the spinners would tend to collect. In some cases,
a down and across presentation may be preferred. The key is to get the
"Perfect Fly" Western Ginger Quill Spinner where the naturals collect where it
can drift in a drag free manner. Use the easiest method you can accomplish that
without spooking the trout.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh