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Fly Fishing Yellowstone - Western Ginger Quill - Dun

Our "Perfect Fly" Western Ginger Quill Dun will take trout when these mayflies
are hatching provided it is fished correctly. As we mentioned before, these duns
generally leave the water fairly quickly. The trout seem to be aware of that and
tend to eat the emerging nymphs more than they duns. You will often only see
the swirl or the flash of a trout eating an emerger. This usually just breaks the
surface of the water. However, you can still catch trout on the dry fly dun and
that is certainly more appealing way to fish for most anglers.

You want to fish the edges of the fast water or seams of current and pocket
water using an upstream or up and across approach. Leaders eight to ten feet
long equipped with two-foot, 5X tippets should work fine. Although you may find
these mayflies in fast flowing smooth water, they are far more prone to be found
in the pocket water of the smaller streams.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh