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Fly Fishing Yellowstone - Western Ginger Quill

The Western Ginger Quill is the common name for the Cinygmula reticulata.
These are members of the Heptageniidae family of mayflies. This mayfly
hatches in some of the fast water streams in Yellowstone National Park and
other fast flowing streams in the area. You will find these mayflies in some very
small headwater streams as well as the larger streams.

Remember, an “important” species is a species that is hatching when you are
fishing. If you are on one of the streams when the Ginger Quills are hatching, it
most likely will be very important because not many other mayflies hatch during
the same period of time. The hatches are rarely heavy and even sparse at times.

The nymphs are three tailed, clinger nymphs. Except during the times they are
feeding or hatching, they stay hidden under rocks. They are not generally
readily available for trout to eat. When they get ready to hatch, they migrate to
slower moving water adjacent to their fast water habitat prior to emerging. Its
during this time they are easily eaten by the trout.

Our "Perfect Fly" Ginger Quill Nymph can be fished right on the bottom anytime
but this is usually not real effective until they start to hatch. Remember, you
cannot use lead in Yellowstone National Park. You must use a non-toxic weight.
Add some weight to the tippet a few inches above the fly. Present the fly using
an up and across presentation in the fast pocket water they are normally found
in. Mend the line to get the fly down near the bottom.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh