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Fly Fishing Yellowstone -Yellow Quill - Spinner

The spinner fall occurs at various times depending on the weather. If the
weather is very hot, the spinner fall may not occur until the early hours of the
morning. You should normally fish our "Perfect Fly" Yellow Quill Spinner very
late in the afternoon and into the evening for most hatches.

The Pink Lady deposits her eggs over the fast water they hatched from. You
may see them just before dark dancing above the riffles. It is nearly impossible
to see them on the water after they have fell spent in the low light situations.
You can use a skim net and skim the water to see what if they are in the drifts
below the fast water.

The spinners will collect at the heads of pools, eddies and pockets where the
water slows down. These are usually good places to fish the spinner imitation.

Use the up or up and across presentation for the spinner if you are fishing
pocket water. If you are fishing a fast flowing, smooth surface stream, you may
try a down and across presentation.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh