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Fly Fishing Yellowstone -Yellow Quill - Dun

Yellow Quill duns arrive at the surface as a dun. The nymphs emerge below the
surface somewhere between the bottom and the surface. They don't stay on the
water very long. They dry their wings and head for the banks, trees and grass.
As we have said in previous articles, the duns hatch in pocket water and smooth
flowing streams with fast water. They emerge in calmer water such as pockets
and then quickly get caught up in the current seams and taken downstream.

We use an up and slightly across presentation of our "Perfect Fly" Yellow Quill
Dun. Fish it in the current seams coming down the side of pockets behind
boulders and to the sides of pockets along the banks. The duns may not
surface until they are well below the pockets, so don't fail to fish the dry fly
downstream of the pockets. Just follow the bubbles. The ends of long runs are
sometimes productive. In smooth, fast flowing water, you want to fish the current
seams created by objects and grass in the water.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh
Our "Perfect Fly" Yellow Quill Dun