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Fly Fishing Yellowstone -Yellow Quill - Emerger

The albertae species of the Epeorus genus, is called the “Yellow Quill”, and
sometimes the "Pink Albert”. The female dun is called the "Pink Lady". The "Pink
Lady" name comes from the body color of the female dun and spinner.

These mayflies emerge on the bottom or shed their shucks somewhere between
the bottom and the surface skim. They do not emerge in the surface skim like
most mayflies. This means fishing a wet imitation of the emerging dun, like our
"Perfect Fly" Emerging Adult, makes a lot of sense. Remember that the nymphs
move to slower moving water adjacent to their normal fast water habitat to hatch.

You want to fish the Emerging Adult in the current seams to the sides of
pockets. We use an up or slightly up and across presentation. Many of the
hatches we have noticed were not heavy; however, most of them took place
when few other mayflies were hatching. That could make them very important to
imitate. There are also streams that have very heavy hatches. The
Madison River outside the park has some very prolific hatches.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh