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Fly Fishing Yellowstone - Tricorythodes (Tricos) - Spinners
I suppose some of you wonder whey there are two flies for the duns and for the
spinners. That is because they are quite different in color. The trout actually
distinguish between them and make a preference for one or the other according
to many die hard Trico anglers. The two sexes also fall to the water at different
times. The male Trico spinners prefer cool hours of the day. That is why you
see them often early in the mornings. When the weather gets cools it often
changes the time they show up and fall.

The males congregate over the riffles above the pools and wait for the females
who show up later. The males immediately fall into the water as soon as
copulation occurs. About thirty minutes or slightly longer, the females will return
to the water to deposit their eggs.

Spinner Presentation:  
We have two "Perfect Fly" Trico Spinners or one for each sex. We suggest you
start out with the male spinner since they are the first to fall to the water. When
the females show up, switch to the female spinner. Although some anglers think
the trout can become selective on either one, I cannot personally attest to that
or deny it. I don't know for certain.

We normally prefer a downstream or down and across presentation for the
spinner. The spinners will collect at the heads of the pools below the riffles. That
is often smooth water depending on the particular stream you are fishing. Long,
light leaders and precise presentations to rising trout is the normal thing fishing
the spinner fall. It can be very productive.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh
Our "Perfect Fly" Male Trico Spinner
Our "Perfect Fly" Female Trico Spinner