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Fly Fishing Yellowstone - Tricorythodes (Tricos) - Emergers

The nymphs accent to the surface and emerge in the surface skim. They
sometimes loose their nymphal shuck beneath the water before they reach the
surface. The emergers are sitting ducks for the trout and they pick them off with
ease when they accent to the surface as well as when they are floating in the
skim changing to a dun.

We have two "Perfect Fly" Trico Emerger flies for this stage. One imitates the
Emerger when the nymphal shuck pops open to let the wings out but is still
engages on the abdomen of the nymph. The other is the Emerger with a trailing
shuck that imitates the emerger when the shuck is almost completely off but still
attached to the tail. Both work well for the Tricos but you may want to try them
both and see which one works the best.

Emerger Presentation:
The "Perfect Fly" Emerger should be presented according to the type of water
you are fishing. If is it a stream with slow currents and a simi-rough surface, we
suggest an up and across presentation. If it is smooth and flat we suggest you
fish the emerger down and across. You want to allow both the "Perfect Fly"
Emerger and Emerger with a trailing shuck to float in the surface skim.

We prefer to watch the end of our fly line and /.or leader for any unnatural
movements to detect strikes. It requires keeping your eye on the leader and fly
line and a lot of concentration but it is a real effective way of catching trout
eating the emerging Tricos.  

You can also fish the emerger about two feet from a small dry fly that is highly
visible on the surface such as a parachute Adams. This will let you detect the
strikes much easier. The dry fly will be taken under when the trout takes the
emerge like a strike indicator.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh
Our "Perfect Fly" Trico Emerger