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Fly Fishing Yellowstone - Speckled Wing Quills (Callibaetis) -
The trout usually get a very good look at the spinners. Sometimes imitations of
the Speckled Wing Quills work very well and sometimes the trout seem to ignore
them. You'll never if you don't try them.

You should be able to see the trout taking the spinners on the surface if the
surface is smooth. The trout just sip the spinners, so don't look for a splashy
rise. That is where you want to place your fly, of course.

Spinners usually begin to show up in late afternoon on the day the Speckled
Wings hatch. They will usually continue to mate and fall spent into the water until
well after dark.

Simply cast the spinner in the middle of the action and hold on.  As with the
other flies, along leader and very light tippet will be needed in clear water
situations. The clearer the water - the longer and lighter the leader and tippet
should be. We recommend at least a twelve foot leader/tippet combination. The
tippet should be no larger than a 6x in our opinion.

This type of fishing requires rather long cast. If you are fishing from a float tube
or the bank, it may not take record cast to catch fish. If you are fishing from a
boat in very clear water, you may need to haul the line to get the distance you

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Our "Perfect Fly" Speckled Wing Quill