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Fly Fishing Yellowstone - Speckled Wing Quills (Callibaetis) -

Imitations of the Callibaetis emerging nymphs work great during the hatch. They
often outperform the duns. The nymphs hatch during the warmest part of the
day in the early part of the season and during the late fall. During the hot
summer, they hatch during the late morning hours. Under bright light conditions,
hatches usually last one or two hours. If the sky is overcast or cloudy, the hatch
usually last for as long as three or four hours.

When these nymphs are ready to emerge, they swim to the surface, split the
nymphal skin and fly quickly depart the water. The times of the year these
mayflies hatch varies greatly from one section of the park to another depending
on the snow pack for the previous winter and the elevation of the lake or stream.

Present our "Perfect Fly" Speckled Wing Quill Emerger or Emerger with the
Trailing Shuck using a long leader and tippet.  You want to start using the
emerger imitations when the nymphs first begin to hatch. The CDC wings hold
the fly in the surface skim, not on top of the water. You need to water the water
carefully to keep track of the fly. Sometimes the trout just make a rise ring or
swirl when they take the emergers.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh
Our "Perfect Fly"
Our "Perfect Fly"