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Fly Fishing Yellowstone - Speckled Wing Quills (Callibaetis)
The Callibaetis, a Baetidae family member, is a “still” water insect but is also
found in slow moving rivers and streams. We normally do very little on still water
fishing but we want to in this case because it is a big part of fly fishing
Yellowstone. These mayflies have already been going strong in some of the
lakes nearby the park as well as some inside the park so we are running late in
getting this posted.

Sections of he Madison River near Hebgen Lake have these insects. There are
probably other sections of other streams in the park that flow out of lakes that
have them.  Lakes with some flow of current are preferred over those with no
current at all. The Speckle-wing Quill is one of the
Callibaetis genus members.
Although they started to hatch sometime ago, two or three generations, usually
three, may hatch during the same year. Each generation seems to produce
smaller sized mayflies.  

I am not certain as to exactly which species exist in the park's waters but I know
ferrugineus ferrugineus (not an error of double posting but the correct
scientific name) species exist there. There is very little difference in the actual
shape and color of the various species or the fishing methods, so it really makes
little or no difference. We have captured and identified many of the aquatic
insects in the streams during the last several years but we have done little in the
way of capturing and identifying the lake's aquatic species.

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