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Fly Fishing Yellowstone - Small Western Green Drake (Flavs)

The Small Western Green Drake spinners usually fall in good numbers but they
do so late in the afternoon and sometimes as late as dark. They are very
difficult to see on the water in the low light. A skim net will help you determine if
they have fell. Keep a watch out by looking up towards the sky. You can often
spot them before they fall. The best way to determine if a Flav spinner fall is
occurring, it to go by the hatch. If you know they hatched, you can rest assured
they will be falling and falling in the same water they hatched from. Look for
them at the bottom end of riffles and the calmer pockets of faster water where
they tend to collect.  

Use an up and across dead-drift presentation of the spinner fly in faster, pocket
water streams. Fish below or at the end of the runs and riffles and the heads of
pools. In smooth streams a down and across dead-drift may be preferred. Long,
light leaders and tippets may be required, even in the low light of smooth water.

Our "Perfect Fly" Small Western Green Drake
(Flav) Spinner

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