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Fly Fishing Yellowstone - Small Western Green Drake (Flavs)

The Small Western Green Drake Duns, usually called Flavs, are the most
important stage of the hatch in the eyes of most anglers. That means dry fly
fishing and thats what most of them, including myself, prefer. Trout will certainly
eat the duns. You can probably catch more on the emergers but you can still
catch plenty of trout on imitations of the duns if the hatch is a good one.

This is another of those mayflies that hatch a lot longer on overcast or rainy
days. Most mayflies prefer the overcast days to hatch but it sure seems as if
these are greatly dependant on it. If it is a bright, clear blue-bird sky day, you
can look for a very short hatch.

The best way to present our "Perfect Fly" Flav Dun depends on the type of
water. In smooth flowing streams, we think down, or down and across
presentations work best. This is especially true if you can find a trout feeding on
the Flavs and concentrate on it. A down and across presentation makes it much
easier to get the fly to the fish without spooking it.

If you are fishing fast flowing pocket water, then we prefer shorter up and across
presentations. This works best when you are blind casting or casting to likely
lies rather than individual trout.

Our "Perfect Fly" Small Western Green Drake
(Flav) Dun

Copyright 2009 James Marsh