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Fly Fishing Yellowstone - Brown Drake Emerger

I don't doubt that trout eat more of the emerging Brown Drake nymphs than they
do the nymph, dun or spinner. When the emerging nymph is suspended just
under the surface film it is very subject to being eaten by a trout.

You should always try to watch for rise forms to indicate trout feeding on the
emergers. This isn't easy after dark and depends strictly on the amount of
available light. They will usually produce the typical rise ring when eating the
emerging nymphs which are just under the surface skim.

Fish our "Perfect Fly" Brown Drake Emerger in the surface skim to imitate the
real nymph suspended beneath the surface film. You want the CDC to be about
level with the surface. In the slower moving water in which they are found in, a
downstream, or down and across approach is usually the best method of
presentation. It is very important to keep a good drag free drift.

If you can find trout feeding on the emergers, it is best to fish to individual trout.
This is not easy to do in the low light conditions the hatch usually takes place in.
Most of the time you will be blind casting. If you are fishing to individual trout, the
CDC emerger is probably better than our imitation of the dun. We recommend
either a 4 or 5X tippet.
Our "Perfect Fly" Brown Drake Emerger. This fly has an Antron Trailing Shuck