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Fly Fishing Yellowstone - Western Green Drake Spinners

I have heard some anglers say that they fished the spinner fall just before dark
but I have never seen one occur in the park during daylight hours. The Western
Green Drake spinner fall normally occurs during the night. I have found the
spinners in the early mornings congregated in eddies and pockets on a few
occasions but I could not determine if the trout were eating them or not.

I have also read and overheard other anglers say that the Green Drake spinner
fall occurs early in the mornings. We probably fish about as early as anyone. At
least it is fairly common for us to get to the streams when no one is there. We
have yet to encounter a Green Drake spinner fall that was actually in progress
early in the morning.

Even in the late summer months when the last of the Green Drakes hatch in the
Lamar Valley section of the park, we have not encountered a spinner fall
underway. We do normally leave before dark and they could be the reason. I
have read where the spinner falls from the late hatches tend to occur before
dark. At many other Western streams during inclement weather during the late
season such as when it turns cool, there is heavy wind and rain or even snow,
the spinner fall may not occur until the early mornings. So you may keep that in

Of course you can always fish during the evening. We have not tried that during
the Green Drake spinner fall but I have heard others say they have been
successful doing just that. That is one reason we went ahead and developed
our "Perfect Fly " Green Drake Spinner. If you happen to find trout feeding on
the spinners that have congregated at the ends of long runs, heads of pools,
eddies or pockets, then I would certainly suggest that you try our spent imitation
of the spinners. I am not able to give any specific recommendations for fishing
the Green Drake spinner fall in Yellowstone National Park simply because I have
not encountered one. We carry our Perfect Fly imitation of the big mayflies
along with us just in case, but so far, we haven't encountered one in the park.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh
Our "Perfect Fly" Western Green Drake Spinner