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Fly Fishing Yellowstone - Western Green Drake Emergers

The Western Green Drakes do not emerge in the surface skim. They emerge
between the bottom of the stream and the surface. Although this is the case, our
Perfect Fly Western Greeen Drake Emerger with the trailing shuck works great
during the hatch. You may want to fish the emerger fly without adding any
floatant to allow it to sink below the surface some. You may want to add some
non-toxic weight a few inches above the fly.

As I previously said, the
dodsi nymphs that live in fast water will migrate to the
slower moving water nearby before they hatch. Those that live in the moderately
flowing streams hatch in the water they live in. This is relatively a short hatch in
any one area. It usually only last a few days, not over two weeks. Like many
other mayfly hatches, it last longer and is more intense when the skies are
overcast or during inclement weather.

Emerger Presentation:
Where the Green Drakes are emerging in the faster sections of a stream or in
pocket water, fish the slower water on the outside edges of fast water current
seams. The inside of pockets behind boulders is also a good place. Allow the fly
to come down one of the two current seams created by the boulder or rock.
They may also emerge at the ends of long runs.

Short upstream or up and across presentations work best in the faster water. In
smooth flowing water, we recommend fishing to individual fish if you can find
them feeding in the surface skim. We stick with an upstream presentation most
of the time although a down and across presentation may be best depending on
the conditions of the area of water you are fishing.

The problems with some of the smooth water streams is that there are usually
conflicting currents even though the water appears to be flowing smoothly and
consistently. Smooth water can be very deceptive. Even though the emerger fly
is below the surface some of the time, it is still important to keep a drag free drift.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh
Our "Perfect Fly" Western Green Drake Emerger with Trailing Shuck