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Fly Fishing Yellowstone - Adult Golden Stonefly

Like the Salmonflies, one of the best things about a Golden Stonefly hatch is the
fact the females deposit their eggs during the daytime as well as the evenings.
Of course the fishing is usually better late in the day. As mentioned before, they
may be found during the same time the Samonflies are depositing their eggs but
the Salmonfly egg laying activity is usually finished or about finished when the  
female Golden Stoneflies start. It strictly depends on the weather and the
particular stream.  

The adult male stoneflies don't get in the water at all unless they accidentally
and fall or get blown in the water by strong winds. They hatch out of the
water and they mate and die out of the water.

When you find a few females dipping down to the surface of the water depositing
their eggs, you should try fishing an imitation of them. Trout will definitely eat the
egg laying females. Most likely you would encounter this activity very late in the
afternoon. If clouds have covered the sun for some time, they may begin earlier
in the day. The best time is usually just before dark which in Yellowstone
Country is as late as 10:00 PM.

Adult Presentation:
The key to the presentation, is to watch the water for the stoneflies that are
depositing their eggs. That is exactly where you want to fish. They are large
enough that they are easy to spot.

They deposit their eggs in the same water they hatch in. This is faster water,
usually riffles and runs. They are not found in slow moving, smooth water. You
want to cast to them the easiest way you can get the fly there whether it is up or
down stream. There is nothing fancy about the way you present the adult
imitations. The real females dance around on the surface, sometimes don't quit
touch the surface and sometimes lite on the surface. At the end of the egg
laying process, they fall in the water to die. This means the trout see the
stoneflies in all sorts of different configurations doing different things. Usually,
they dip down and touch the water in an attempt to knock their eggs off.
Our "Perfect Fly" Golden Stonefly Adult. The wings are made of Raffila. The body is