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Fly Fishing Yellowstone - Golden Stoneflies

In most situations, not long after the Salmonflies start hatching in Yellowstone
waters, the Golden Stoneflies begin to show up. It varies slightly from river to
river but it would be rare to find one existing in a river without the other even
though they may not hatch at the same time. The Golden Stoneflies usually
follow the Salmonflies but both usually end up on the water at the same time at
some point in time or at least on many of the streams inside Yellowstone
National Park.

The Golden Stoneflies are species of the Perlidae family/  There are several
different genera and species of these large stoneflies. The Goldens hatch like
all other stoneflies. The nymphs crawl out of the water to hatch. The trout feed
heavily on the nymphs when the move to the shallow water near the banks to
crawl out. A period of time goes by while the adults mate and a few days later
the female will return to the water to deposit their eggs. The trout will have a
second feast on the large adults.

The nymphs and adults of these stoneflies are from one to two inches long.
They live for two or three years depending on the species, habitat and other
factors. They got their name from the golden brown color of the adults. Even
when they are mixed in with the huge Salmonflies with both hatching at the same
time, trout will sometimes take the smaller Golden Stoneflies even more readily
than the Salmonflies. In the upcoming articles, we will cover the tactics and
techniques used to imitate the nymphs and the egg laying activity of the adult

This image was taken on the Yellowstone River several years ago during the
middle of July. They hatch later there than many of the streams in Yellowstone.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh