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Fly Fishing Yellowstone - Gray Drake Nymphs
The Gray Drake nymphs, or Black Drake nymphs, whichever name you prefer,
are excellent swimming nymphs that migrate to the shoreline just before they
hatch. They can dart about swimming in short spurts similarly to small minnows
or baitfish. These nymphs live in moderate to slow flowing streams with
vegetation. Trout eat them throughout the year but they really become the
prime target of trout when they are hatching. They are eaten right along the
banks when they are crawling out of the water to hatch.

You want to pay attention to the time of the year that the Gray Drakes are
supposed to hatch in a given stream. The hatch charts will give you an idea of
when the hatch should start. You want to start fishing our "Perfect Fly" Gray
Drake Nymph when you first start seeing the gray drakes along the banks, or
when you first start seeing their shucks indicating they are starting to hatch.

It is easy to miss the start of this hatch. The duns are difficult to find during the
day. When the spinners start showing up it may be too late. Most of the nymphs
may have already hatched.  The hatch doesn't last a long time in any area of a
stream. You may also actually find or see the nymphs in the shallow water. That
would be the best indication.

Present the fly near the shorelines in the shallower water. You may want to try
imitating the short, erratic, darting nymphs. Short strips of the fly line will do this.
Since the nymphs are swimmers, trout can be taken year round on this fly. It is a
good idea to try the fly anywhere there are known concentrations of Gray
Drakeseven when there is no hatch occurring.

Our "Perfect Fly" Gray Drake Nymph.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh