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Fly Fishing Yellowstone - Salmonfly

The Salmonfly, or Giant Stonefly, is probably the largest aquatic insects in the
park. Golden Stoneflies can get rather large but that is the only one I can think
of off hand that gets close to that large. They should start hatching in the next
few days in the Madison River. They may already be finished in the Firehole
Canyon. These are species of the Pteronarcyidae family of stoneflies are called
“Giant Stoneflies”. To make it simple, these are the largest stoneflies there are.
This family of stoneflies contains two genera,
Pieronarcys and Pteronarcella,
that are important to fly fishers.

Pieronarcys genus includes the californica species or the famous “Giant
Salmon Fly” and that is the species that I am referring to here. This is a very
large stonefly. Both the adults and nymphs can be up to three inches long. The
nymphs live from two to four years.

The salmonfly hatch can offer some of the best fly fishing action you can
encounter in Yellowstone National Park. For that matter, it probably provides
some of the best fishing in Yellowstone Country including Montana, Idaho and
Wyoming.  Trout love both the nymphs and the adult salmonflies. If the stream
has fast water, it most likely has these huge insects.  

It wouldn't take many of these to fill the stomach of a large trout. In fact, that is
what usually happens. What do you do when the trout are not hungry?

Tomorrow I will get into how you don't let the trout get full of the naturals before
you can get one of our "Perfect Fly Salmonfly Nymphs" hooked in the corner of
a few trout lips. There are some keys to catching trout on the Salmonfly hatch.
This hatch is quite different from most other aquatic insect hatches and even
most other stonefly hatches. It can be frustrating. You can be seeing large adult
stoneflies in the air, no the plants and banks and still not be catching trout. Lets
hope that don't happen to you. The hatch is difficult enough to catch at the right
time without having to worry about not being able to catch fish when you are
seeing the big bugs.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh