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Fly Fishing Yellowstone - Current Conditions

Although the weather conditions for Yellowstone have not been the best they
could have been by any means, the rain and snow haven't hurt the hatches as
badly as some would like to insinuate they have. Remember that
baetis love the
foul, rainy, snowy weather and they have hatched very well the last several
days. The Pale Morning Duns haven't been as prolific as they may normally
would have been, but they have hatched to some extent in both the Firehole
River and the Madison River.

The Firehole River and Madison River water levels are just a little higher than
normal. The only thing missing would be bright sunlight and while that makes
everyone feel better and maybe stay warmer a little easier, it really doesn't help
the hatches all that much. Less precipitation would probably help the water
levels some. The rivers are still relatively cold, right on the borderline of the
temperature needed to make the hatches huge.

The better fishing has been occurring on the upper part of the Firehole from
Biscuit Basin downstream but that is changing fast. Good hatches of PMDs and
Blue-winged Olives are occurring downstream in the Firehole almost to the falls
and in much of the Madison River. The Salmonflies should start hatching
anytime in the Madison River increasing the activity and your odds of success.
You can catch plenty on the Salmon fly nymphs now.

If you are in the process of planning a trip to Yellowstone within the next day or
within the next couple of weeks, by all means proceed with your plans. You
shouldn't be disappointed from a fishing or a catching standpoint. If you wait
until the first of July, you will face another problem. There will probably be
crowds of tourist as well as anglers.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh