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Fly Fishing Yellowstone - White Miller Caddisflies

The White Millers, or the Nectopsyche species of caddisflies, are hatching now
on the Firehole River in Yellowstone National Park. These insects can turn the
trout on especially during the late afternoons and early evenings when the
females are depositing their eggs on the water. You will see them mostly along
the banks of the stream but they may dip down and touch the water to knock
their eggs off just about anywhere.

Wherever you see the egg layers touching the water is where you want to fish
imitations of the adult White Miller. If you see trout taking them or trying to get
them in a certain area, I guess it goes without saying that is where you want
your fly to land on the water.

There is nothing fancy about the way you need to present this fly. You can cast
upstream, across stream or downstream anyway you can to get the fly to the
places the activity is occurring. It doesn't matter much how it spats the water or
how it drifts. I can't make mine fly off and touch the water repeatedly but I would
if I could.

This is our "Perfect Fly" imitation of the
White Miller. We think it is the best one

It has a foam body that is light green, cinnamon legs, and light whitish-cream
wings and antennae. It floats high in the water and is easy to keep track of.