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Fly Fishing Yellowstone - Madison and Firehole Rivers - White
Miller Caddisflies

The Firehole is still a little high but that doesn't mean the fishing isn't good. It is.
This last front probably helped. The Madison River and the lower Gibbon River
is not in as good of shape as the Firehole, but doing well and quite fishable.

The Firehole has a lot of White Millers hatching. These are the
species of caddisflies. The locals may just call them white caddisflies. They
hatch at this time in the Spring and then again in the late summer. They are
easy to notice because of their white or light color. The trout eat the pupae and
the female adults when they deposit their eggs. There are also some other
species of caddis but I am focusing on this one species which is very abundant
on the Firehole.

The pupae of the
Nectopsyche species hatch on the surface mostly in the
evenings. At this time of the year, they should be starting late in the day before
dark, especially if the weather is cloudy. This is our "Perfect Fly" imitation of the