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Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park - First Few Days

The first few days of the opening season for Yellowstone National Park proved
to be a week ahead of schedule. Most all of the water in the park with the
exception of some headwater streams turned out to be high and stained.

The Firehole River was still high and stained and will probably stay that way for
at least a few more days. There could be fish caught on streamers and nymphs
but unless you are already there, who would want to start their trip to
Yellowstone fishing streamers and nymphs. This is not to say that you couldn't
find a spot on the stream where it would be possible to fish a dry fly but you
would have to search for them. The Firehole should be better by this weekend.
After all, this years season started for all practical purposes, a week earlier than

Starting this week, we will be producing a weekly "Flies to Have Now" list for
Yellowstone Park and the greater surrounding areas including the Henry's Fork,
Shoshone, Yellowstone, Gallatin, Snake and other nearby rivers. We hope this
helps you plan your trip right up to the last minute before leaving on a trip.

The Henry's Fork is reported to be fishing okay in the Ashton, Idaho area. The
canyon stretches should kick off the stonefly hatch if they haven't already.

The Madison in the park, as well as the lower Gibbon River, is high and off
colored. The next week should make a difference but just exactly what the status
will be remains to be seen.

The area between the lakes, or from the Hebgen Lake dam to Quake Lake is
packed with anglers. It is about the only clear water that is in the area at the time.

We don't intend to try to keep up with current conditions with a report. We have
provided what to expect on a two week basis for the entire season. What
happens daily changes just about daily and if you need that current of
information, you should already be there. The local fly shops in the surrounding
towns should keep you well informed on a day to day basis.  

Copyright 2009 James Marsh