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Greater Yellowstone Area Trip Planning -

October 1, 2009 - October 15, 2009:

The month of October in Yellowstone Country means the beginning of cold, and
on some days, bad weather. That can make for some great trout fishing so don't
let a little thing like the weather keep you from fishing Yellowstone.

There is no better time to catch large trout in Yellowstone National Park or the
surrounding streams than the month of October. There are not many hatches,
only a few caddisflies, midges and Blue-winged Olives in most streams but that
is enough. In fact, that may even help since at least you will know what to fish.

The trout should be moving out of Hebgen Lake and up into the Madison River
in good numbers during this time period. All of the popular holes along the lower
section of the Madison River will be covered by the die hard anglers that know
what they are doing. Many of these trout will have moved well upstream and
catching large browns that are about to begin the spawn cycle will be possible in
places like the canyon of the Firehole River and the lower Gibbon River below
the falls. Soft hackles and streamers should work all along the Madison River

Speaking of the Firehole River, be aware that it should have more aquatic
insects hatching than any stream in the area. There should still be plenty of
caddisflies around along with some Blue-winged Olives. This is a great time to
fish the Firehole River.

The Gardner River brings about a new opportunity. Spawning browns should be
moving out of the Yellowstone River up into the Gardner River to spawn. Catch
it at the right time and you may be in for some big fish action.

The Lamar River Valley may or may not be fishable. It depends strictly on the
weather. Both the Lamar River and Soda Butte Creek drain an area of very high
mountains and snow storms can foul of the water. If the water is clear, the
fishing should be good.

Slough Creek is normally in pretty good shape during this time period. It the
weather will allow you to get there and back then it could be a possible sleeper.

The Madison River below Hebgen Dam should be a great place to fish. Large
brown trout should be moving out of Quake Lake into the short section of river
to spawn. Below Quake Lake, in the wade area,
baetis mayflies should be
hatching and may provide some good dry fly action.

Don't overlook the channel that runs between Lewis Lake and Shoeshone
Lakes. That may be the best place in the park to fish. The brown trout can get
thick in the channel.

There will not be many visiting anglers in Yellowstone Country, but you can rest
assured the locals will be fishing.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh