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Greater Yellowstone Area Trip Planning -

August 15, 2009 - end of August, 2009:

This time of the year is often called the Dog Days of Summer but in Yellowstone
Country there are still plenty of fish to be caught. The season will be changing
and the colors of the trees and grass will show it, especially in the higher

Gallatin River hatches will probably have slowed down to almost none but
the terrestrial fishing should be fairly good, especially in the meadow areas.

The Lamar Valley should be a good area to fish.
Soda Butte Creek will still
have some cutthroats around but you will have to use good presentation and
stay hidden to catch them. Terrestrial such as beetles, ants and hoppers will
work. The upper part is always good but the fish average a smaller size. You
should be able to catch plenty of them above the ice box canyon.

Lamar River will have a hatch of large Green Drakes the locals call Drake
Mackerels by the locals. Catch the river at the right time and you will be in for
some great action. Terrestrials will also work there.

Yellowstone River will continue to fish good in the canyon sections. The
Black Canyon isn't that difficult to access near the Tower area. Getting down to
the Yellowstone Canyon at the Seven Mile Hole will take more doing but the
fishing should be great. You can still catch some larger cutthroats in the upper
area of the river below the lake. Fish the faster water or search the banks for
individual fish.

Fishing in the lower
Gardner River will not be as good as it was a month before
but you can still catch plenty of trout on terrestrial patterns in both the pocket
water and meadow sections. The upper Gardner River will provide plenty of
brook trout action.

The Southeast Corner including the
Falls River and Bechler Rivers will fish
well in the fast water. Terrestrial will work well in the meadow sections of both
rivers. The weather will soon be changing in that part of Yellowstone Country so
if you plan to fish it, you better do it soon.

Don't overlook the
small streams in the park. Just about any of them will
provide a lot of action in late August. Stick with small terrestrials and you should
catch plenty of responsive trout.

Blue-winged Olives may be the only hatches taking place on the
below Quake Lake but terrestrial will still trick the large rainbows and
browns.  Walk the banks in an upstream direction and keep your fly near the
banks. If you cover some water you should do well. Anywhere in the wade only
area should be good provided the water levels are okay and they almost always

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