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Greater Yellowstone Area Trip Planning -

August 1, 2009 - second week of August, 2009:

The Madison River below Quake Lake should still be fishing good but the
hatches will subside some. There may be a few Blue-winged Olives and Slate
Duns should also still be there. The caddis activity will slow down the first week
of August but there will still be a few there. Most anglers turn their attention to
terrestrials including ants, beetles and hoppers. Flying ants usually show up in
August but the exact time is very difficult to predict.

Henry's Fork isn't out of the picture if you enjoy terrestrial fishing. Fishing
a hooper along the banks usually works. You may need to cover a lot of water
but staying on the bank and fishing upstream near the banks can produce some
good fish.

The Southwest Corner or Cascade Corner it is sometimes called will fish well this
month. The
Falls and Bechler Rivers should produce in both the meadow
sections (for the larger fish) and the fast water sections for the smaller fish.

Lewis River below the falls is a good place to try. The Lewis Canyon is
also worth fishing during this time period if you go to the trouble to fish it. Some
larger cutthroats can be caught in the lower
Snake River near the South
Entrance to the park.

I am omitting
Lakes from this report but I would like to point out that several
lakes will be in their prime the last of July and August. Don't overlook them if you
enjoy stillwater fishing.

Yellowstone River will still produce some nice cutthroats if you look for
them. The crowds will be gone and you will have plenty of opportunity. The
Yellowstone Canyon should be in its prime if you will go to the trouble to hike
down into it. So will the
Black Canyon of the Yellowstone.

Lamar River and Soda Butte Creek will continue to fish well during this
time. Try the upper headwaters. The fish are smaller but you should get plenty
of action. The meadows sections will still have plenty of trout. Keep in mind that
they will have seen a lot of anglers and flies for the last month so you will need
to be sneaky.

All of the
small streams in the park should still fish good, especially those at
the higher elevations. The fish will be smaller but the trips should be enjoyable.
You will start to see a change in the higher elevations in the color of the
vegetation and trees. By the middle of the month it will be obvious that the
season is in for a change. The fishing crowds will disappear and you should
have most of the water to yourself.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh